Covid-19 FAQ

If you’ve been impacted by the Coronavirus and are having difficulty making payments, Sixup is here to help you explore your options to reduce or postpone your payments. We encourage you to reach out to Launch Servicing, the Sixup loan servicer for your account, at (877) 354-2629 or click here for additional contact information.
I heard the federal government announced a temporary interest waiver on March 13, 2020, what does that mean for my Sixup student loan?
What if my campus has closed due to coronavirus? If I cannot complete my term will this affect my student loan?
How do I contact my school’s financial aid office if the school is closed?
What if I cannot make payments?
My industry/job has been affected by COVID-19 what options are available to me?
How do I request a disaster relief forbearance?
Will this forbearance count against my voluntary forbearance time?
Can I make payments during my forbearance?
How will the forbearance be reported to credit bureaus?