Holiday Spending for College Students

So you’ve paid for classes, housing, and books; you think you’re done for the semester but then you remember you have to find a way to buy presents for people too! Before you give up on this whole #Adulting thing, keep reading. We have a few tips that might make this holiday season a little easier to handle.

#1 Gift Exchange or Secret Santa Talk your family into doing a white elephant gift exchange, that way you only have to get one gift. If you’ve never done a white elephant exchange check out the rules here. Not only will you save money but this type of gift exchange is a lot of fun. Secret Santa is another classic option for cutting down on holiday spending. Since everyone only has one gift to get, they can spend more time focusing on what that person would really want, plus it’s fun guessing who bought each gift.

#2 DIY Gifts If you want to win at gift-giving, go for handmade gifts. You’ll save money and be admired for your thoughtfulness and creativity, and who doesn’t love a little admiration. From baked goods and candles to body scrubs and blankets, there are over 60 amazing ideas to show off your skills on this DIY list from House Beautiful.

#3 Shop smart If you’re going to buy gifts there are a few ways you can save money. Honey is a browser extension that will try several promo codes to find you the best deal. If you’re buying things on Amazon it will check if your item is available from other sellers for less. Consider checking Facebook Marketplace, Letgo or even Amazon for used or refurbished items that are just as nice but way less expensive. Plus, vintage is in!

#4 Quality Time This may sound cheesy but there are a lot of people who would love nothing more than to spend some quality time with you. Plan a special day with your grandparents, cousins, or friends and we’ll bet they’ll remember it for a long time to come.