We invest in you and your potential. That's why we typically don't require a cosigner.* We don't think you should be judged by someone else's credit score. We emphasize your grades and the college you're attending to determine if you qualify for a loan. An existing credit history will impact your approval and rates and may be required in certain cases.
Choose the Right Rates for You - Fixed or Variable
Loans are based primarily on you and your academic record.**

Fixed Rates range from 6.49% to 9.49% (6.209% to 8.969% APR). With fixed rates you make the same payment every month. But since your rate is set and starts out higher than variable rates, you may end up paying more over the life of your loan. Rates subject to change.

Variable Rates currently range from 5.61% to 9.61% (5.423% to 9.065% APR).*** Your starting interest rate is typically less than the fixed rate, but over time variable rates can fluctuate and payments can change up or down based on market rate changes. Rates subject to change.
Two Repayment Options with you in Mind
And you can move between them during your Academic Deferment Period.

Pay a fixed $20 a month while you are enrolled in full-time in school and for six months after school (up to 60 months total). Paying on time may help you establish a positive credit file.****

Defer payments entirely while you are enrolled full-time in school and for six months after school (up to 60 months total).
Other Specifics About Our Loan

We have a 1% origination fee.

There's no obligation to take the Sixup loan if you qualify.

Instead of just looking at outdated FICO scores (which is what most private banks do), our credit model starts with your academics and other factors and predicts student outcomes through our unique algorithm.

If you have a credit history, it will impact both your loan approval and your rate (such as having at least a 600 credit score).*****

Sixup loan amounts range between a minimum of $2,500 (above $3,000 if you're in Georgia) and a maximum of $15,000 in any school year, and are capped at $60,000 for multiple years.

Comparing Sixup to another loan option? Just not sure yet?
Reach out if you have more questions. We'd be happy to walk through it together.
* Unless you are under the age of majority (typically 18) or due to your credit history if you have one, or in certain cases based on the level of your academic and other factors. Cosigners are reviewed by financial and credit measures.

** If you have a credit history, it will be considered in your loan approval and your rate, and some students may need a positive credit history. Existing indebtedness is also considered.

*** Variable rates are based on our margin of 4.12-8.12% plus the three-month LIBOR rate (a standard interest rate index), so that range is subject to change on a quarterly basis. It will never be more than an annual percentage rate of 9.90% during the life of the loan.

**** For a $10,000 loan, assuming you make 54 payments of $20 a month for an academic deferment period of 48 months of school plus 6 months, you will then make 120 monthly payments of $173.90, paying a total of $21,948.00, assuming the highest possible rate of 9.61% (subject to change).

***** Certain students may have high enough academic and other factors to be considered for potential loan approval but not high enough where they don't also need a positive credit report, and certain students may require a higher credit score than 600. Only one Consumer Reporting Agency is used to provide credit reports, so you may have a higher score or different information with one we don't use.

Additional terms and conditions apply in accordance with other disclosures and agreements. These specifics are also subject to change.