We're underdogs who invest in underdogs.

Banks think you’re risky. We know you’re the future. Sixup is an online student
platform that invests in high-achieving, low-income students. finance & support

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Responsible, Affordable
Student Loans

to fill the gap at 4.49% to 9.49% for amounts between $2,500-$15,000.

Wrap-Around Services
and Assistance

to support what matters beyond GPA including financial literacy, career services and alumni support.


tied to key outcomes like retention, timely graduation and summer internships.

Summer 2017


Sixup is a holistic approach to investing in students, dedicated to offering a suite of wrap-around funds and services designed to upgrade students to schools with better outcomes, then support them through graduation and job creation.

We Find You

We partner with leading charter schools and college success organizations that identify and recommend high-potential students with greatest need.

We Upmatch You

We expand options to help students upgrade or "upmatch" to colleges with better outcomes like graduation rates, social capital and job placement. Pathways matter and students should be able to access ones that provide the best chances to make it.

We Fund You

We offer annual funding options - both loans and grants - for students throughout the college lifecycle. We reevaluate students each year based on their performance, so we can continue reupping, reinvesting and even help out when things go wrong.

We Get You to The Finish Line

We work with our partners to stay close with students to see them through retention and graduation to ultimately landing a job. When the student does well, everyone does well.


Sixup works closely with a wide range of organizations dedicated to supporting high-achieving, low-income students throughout the lifecycle of educational mobility from high school to college access and success. By working together, we increase the likelihood that deserving students make it to the finish line. Here are a few of our partners:

Federal TRIO

Charter Schools



Sixup is a venture-backed, Public Benefit Corporation with offices in San Francisco, Houston and Washington, DC.
Our investors include leading fintech, edtech and social enterprise VCs: